Our Team

SolRayo’s management team has extensive experience in commercialization and small business management and growth as well as in scientific research and development areas of nanotechnology, electrochemistry, chemical engineering, environmental chemistry, water chemistry, and mechanical engineering.

David A. Walker - President and Member, Board of Directors

Kevin C. Leonard, PhD - Chief Technology Officer and Chair, Board of Directors

Walter A. Zeltner, PhD - Director of Battery R&D

Rodolfo Perez, PhD - Senior Scientist

Wendy E. Suyama - Senior Chemical Engineer

Chee Thao - Technician

Saager Paliwal - Technician

Luis Velazquez - Technician

Keshena Koran - Technician

Jason A. Walker - Office Administrator

Mark A. Daugherty, PhD - Senior Technical Advisor

Marc A. Anderson, PhD - Senior Technical Advisor and Member, Board of Directors

Kenneth A. Walz, PhD - Senior Battery Technology Advisor

Timothy A. Lambirth - Attorney, Member, Board of Directors

Daniel Teran - CPA, Member, Board of Directors