SolRayo’s core technology utilizes nanoparticle coatings synthesized by sol-gel chemistry techniques in which the nanoparticles self-assemble in a stable suspension. This technology has shown promise in a wide range of applications, with SolRayo’s main focus being on lithium ion batteries and ultracapacitors.

Lithium Ion Batteries

SolRayo has developed a new, nanoparticle-based technology to address an issue concerning the degradation in performance of lithium ion batteries over time. Our research shows that this technology inhibits the degradation of battery cathode materials, especially at higher operating temperatures. This means that a battery's life could be extended significantly by applying an inexpensive, nanoparticle coating to one of the battery's key components. more


SolRayo has developed a new type of high-performance ultracapacitor.  Using this patented technology, we are able to utilize inexpensive carbon backing materials for our electrodes. Our nanoparticulate coatings are low-cost and our manufacturing process is simple and inexpensive. By using different backing materials, particle sizes, coating processes and electrolytes we can tailor performance of these electrochemical capacitors for specific application needs. more